Growth in Recovery

When I started my journey of my own codependent recovery, I never imagined that I would meet such inspiring and transparent people. A lot of you may remember Marcedes from previous blog posts and her work in the recovery community. She has truly been an inspiration to me since our first conversation. I’ve learned so much about myself through her transparency and willingness to share her recovery story. You can read more about Marcedes here .


I would like to use my platform to help her celebrate another year in sobriety. 365 days of keeping recovery front and center. Growth is beautiful.



Today I celebrate another year of sobriety. Another 365 days without a drop of alcohol or any other mood or mild altering drugs. I persevered through this year. Holy shit. Despite every event that occurred the thought never crossed my mind to drink/use and that’s my hand to god. ❤️ Not a single thought regarding drinking or numbing those feelings during the hardest time of my life and what I would of thought would be the end of my life.

Before… If I was conscience I drank/used. That is the honest to gods truth. I would of DONE ANYTHING (and I did) to change the way I felt in that moment. I could NOT handle reality and I could NOT deal with any emotion. Period. I was a lost soul who wanted out so badly but was given the opportunity to change the course of my life through gods grace.

I chose this picture because I am genuinely happy. I I don’t feel the need to share the before and afters anymore. I use to share them all the time and while I am EXTREMELY PROUD of where I came from I am just not that woman anymore and I don’t find it necessary to show how much of a lost soul I truly was.

April is alcohol awareness month, my anniversary month of getting sober and it’s my birthday month. Here’s to being sober another year, being a little bit wiser than yesterday and to being 28 years old. Heavy on the old part 😅

I do not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it

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