Breaking the Cycle of
Addiction Fallout

So Many Lives Wasted
Generations of Suffering

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Fish Out of Water

I know I can’t be alone in feeling like a fish out of water sometimes with this current health crisis. All of our lives have been turned upside down and shook to the core. My anxiety and depression are making their presence known daily and it’s a struggle to keep that in check. I sat

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Growth in Recovery

When I started my journey of my own codependent recovery, I never imagined that I would meet such inspiring and transparent people. A lot of you may remember Marcedes from previous blog posts and her work in the recovery community. She has truly been an inspiration to me since our first conversation. I’ve learned so

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The Connection Between Trauma and Anxiety

Loving an addict has the potential to be traumatic. That is no secret. I love reading the success stories and watching families reconnect once sobriety is attained and bridges are mended. However, there are many of us who never experience such euphoria and even more who struggle with the consequences of things out of our

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Four Steps to Freedom Part 2 of 4

Step 2: Connect the Past to Present Life Hey Everyone! This is part two of a four part mini blog series I’ve been working on. If you missed the first one you can find it here. I am working through the book Changing Course by Claudia Black (which is amazing for any and every family

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Four Steps to Freedom Part 1 of 4

Hey Everyone! It’s been a little while since I’ve got to spend some time blogging. I am looking forward to getting back in the swing of things. I have recently started reading Claudia Black’s book: Changing Course. I’ve been hard at work looking for new resources both for personal reasons and with the intentions of

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Jordan Barnes – Author Interview

Hello everyone! Along this journey of writing my own story, I have been given the opportunity to virtually “meet” some pretty amazing characters. So often when we think of addiction, our minds automatically go to the negative aspects. I want to shed some light on the positive things that can come from it-like the ones

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