The 3 C’s

Hello everyone! I hope your week is starting off well. As we head into the holidays I would like to share with you a simple concept that so many overlook. 

The 3 C’s

*You didn’t cause it- it can be easy to question yourself when you are watching someone you love in the grips of addiction. You have to know without a doubt that you DID NOT cause their addictive behavior. I know that it is painful to witness, but their behavior is not a result of something you did or didn’t do. Addiction is both physical and mental. You have to be willing to accept and understand both aspects of it.

*you can’t CONTROL it- You have to accept that addiction has completely “re-wired” their lives.  These substances have altered the chemistry of their brain. They have adapted an entire new way of living. Everything they associate with, supports this addictive lifestyle. You can’t come in and just hit the reset button for them. It’s out of your control.

*you can’t CURE it- Addiction is not able to be cured. It’s considered a chronic illness. With the correct intensive initial treatment, and ongoing counseling/therapy sobriety is attainable. There are most certainly people out there who are living their best life after being held hostage for many years to addiction. Much like cancer-If the correct diagnosis and treatment is brought in at the right time, you can spend the rest of your life in remission. But you can never discontinue follow-up. Doing so would undoubtedly make you more susceptible to a reoccurrence. This disease has to be treated on a mental and physical platform for long-term success.


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