Growth in Recovery

When I started my journey of my own codependent recovery, I never imagined that I would meet such inspiring and transparent people. A lot of you may remember Marcedes from previous blog posts and her work in the recovery community. She has truly been an inspiration to me since our first conversation. I’ve learned so … Read more

Cutting Ties to Toxicity

This has been a week of enlightenment. Someone recently asked me my opinion about something I feel strong about. I’ve grown enough to know that my opinion may not be the same as everyone else but it doesn’t make my feelings invalid or less than. I am only in control of myself and my choices. … Read more

Resentment- a byproduct of loving an addict

When shit gets deep, put your boots on and walk through it. I went to an alanon meeting today. I’ve missed going the last few weeks. If you know me, you’ll notice I don’t care to be the center of attention. Public speaking isn’t my thing, but embarking on this new journey has forced me … Read more

Tough Love. Why is it so Hard?

Have you ever struggled with the phrase “tough love”? I sure have. When you love someone who struggles with addiction those two words get thrown around pretty loosely. I have an issue with these words at the moment. My struggles with loving an addict  are far from over. I have an immediate family member who … Read more

Tiffy Rose – Recovered and Inspired

First, let me tell you just a bit about me. Before I share about my work or what compelled me to go forth on this mission of service work to the still suffering addict or those searching for additional recovery support. Rose in a large family, with serious generational dysfunction, abused mentally and physically, during … Read more

You Don’t Know What It’s Like To Be An Addict

Maybe I don’t know what it’s like to be physically dependent on drugs. Yes, that you are right. I’ve never been physically addicted to anything myself. But losing my mother to addiction and having a child with someone who was tormented by the same disease has given me some insight that I pray nobody else … Read more

Where Was The Mom???

**I AM NOT THE ORIGINAL WRITER**   The answer is simple. Right there. At the pre-natal class. At the parenting class. Laboring to give birth. Soothing her crying baby. Rocking her baby. Watching her baby sleep. Right there. Recording her baby’s milestones. Child-proofing her house. Preserving a tiny tooth, a clip of hair. Strapping her … Read more