Dru Hicks-From Addict To Inspiration

Hello everyone, my name is Dru Hicks. Some of you already know me from the live videos I do, or through my work with Boca Recovery Center. So here is my story: My life began in California in the early 70s. I was born into poverty and without a father to speak of. Just my … Read more

Tyler Pack’s Recovery Journey

My name is Tyler and I am a recovering heroin addict. I’m 32 years old and am from Ohio, a State that has become engulfed in this epidemic. I have taken my last breath a few times in my life. By the grace of God and the first responders who had Narcan I am still … Read more

Tiffy Rose – Recovered and Inspired

First, let me tell you just a bit about me. Before I share about my work or what compelled me to go forth on this mission of service work to the still suffering addict or those searching for additional recovery support. Rose in a large family, with serious generational dysfunction, abused mentally and physically, during … Read more

Trevor Davidson’s Recovery Journey

Trevor Davidson here. I’m 23- from a small town in Michigan and I’ve been sober since May 17th 2018. I’ve been fighting addiction since the age of 15. Everything started out by smoking a little bit. Never thought it was a big deal always said it wouldn’t lead to anything else. Well unfortunately, I was … Read more