I’ll Hold Your Hand

Today would be my grandfathers 73rd birthday. But sadly we lost him just a few days ago (which would explain my absence this past week). As most of you know we also lost my mother (his daughter) to addiction back in 2007. Her loss was nothing short of traumatic for our whole family.

My grandfather was a pilot and Vietnam veteran. The man cheated death and missed his number being called more times than I can count. He had given us his final wishes so many times we knew exactly what to do, down to the music he wanted played at his funeral.

  The ripple effect caused by my mothers loss shifted the dynamic in our family. Yes I’ve lost more than I can explain by losing my mother, but it’s also given me things that I doubt I could’ve experienced so deeply had we not gone through that as a family.

Her loss created a closeness between my grandpa and I that I can’t put into words. He taught me so much and was one of the first men to show me what a man is supposed to be. I will forever miss his stories, silly phone calls, and the way he could get our whole family jumpin. 

One of our many discussions as he anxiously awaited his final flight to the heavens, I promised him that I would be there to hold his hand until my mom (his daughter) got there to take his hand and walk him home.

I wrote this poem the night before he passed away. I couldn’t sleep and was sick to my stomach knowing that the time was coming. Honestly I was trying to keep myself grounded and remember that his final moments were about HIM and I couldn’t go back on my promise. I kept it. And I held on to my faith that my mom would be with him. Well, I know she was. Not only could I feel it, but confirmation came when the lady got there to pick him up for the funeral home. Her name was Shannon 💜 I couldn’t bring myself to read this poem at his funeral but I’ve collected myself enough to share it with you all here. 


I’ll hold your hand Paw

And listen with intent

As you tell me stories

Of your time well spent


You’ll give me years of wisdom

And how I loved to hear

Of all the hours in the sky

Smashing any bouts of fear


You’ve got a lifetime of stories

Tucked tight beneath your heart

Captain you’re clear for take off

You are ready to depart


Wait just one minute captain

Don’t forget your walk around

One thing I know you’ve taught me

Check your equipment on the ground


I’ll hold your hand Paw

Through so many ups and downs

I watch as you gain altitude

Climbing further from the ground


I’ll hold your hand Paw

As you soar into the sky

Your life flight has shown me

The only limits set are mine


You were always there for me

Ever since I was a little girl

I’ll hold your hand Paw

Until you leave this world


Written by:Kylie LeBlanc

In memory of: Dennis “Mike” Egelston Sr.

June 14, 1946 – June 9, 2019

*anyone can share, or copy just please do not take his name and the dates off* 




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